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New Ball Sport's Field Safety Net Structures Arrive

Its been a long time coming to Western Australia but finally ball sporting bodies and grounds owner/managers have picked up the ball on spectator and passerby safety. 

The first, of what undoubtedly will be numerous, installation of "Ball Sport Safety Net Structures” consisting of 4 x 12m poles with the catch net spanning 30 metres went off without a hitch for the Foundation Engineering Group.

Limited Access 985kN Screw Piles

Restricted access piling rig installation automatically promotes the use of screw piles as the most cost effective and time efficient piling solution available

                         Screw Pile Installation by Screwpile Australia                 Screw Pile Installation by Screwpile Australia

Over 20 Years of Screw Pile Design, Manufacture and Installation - Screwpile Australia

The development of sewer screw piles in 1996 by Screwpile Australia created a quite revolution in the way buildings & structures foundations were piled within WaterCorp easements.  Prior to then concrete piles were the norm.  Sewer screwpiles eliminate inherant construction problems associated with concrete piles such as, high water-tables, hole collapse and caverning, and hard ground penetration, all resulting in difficulties to achieving the minimum specified pile depth to below the sewers invert level.  

How Would You Ensure This Didn't Happen on Your Next Stabilisation/Retention Project

Sub-standard microfine grout soil injection techniques and the wrong choice of microfine cementitious grout for the soil to be treated is becoming an increasing problem for builders and the piling stabilisation industry in Western Australia.  Lets cut to the chase here and discuss why this is happening.

Screw Pile Boardwalk Install - Swan River Foreshore - Garvey Park, Ascot

Garvey Park foreshore on the Swan River, Ascot in Western Australia is currently undergoing an enhancement program.  Part of the improvements include new steel fabricated walkways & a beach deck ramp for the boating/kayaking club.  Foundation Engineering was asked to come up with a pile design that would deliver practical installation as the shoreline consisted of very loose-sandy-peaty mud.