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Building Settlement Stabilisation Underpinning

Over time your house foundations move.  Where movement exceeds footing deign limits, excess stress will be applied to the footings causing them to bend, crack and or rotate.  This stress will be transferred to any concrete slab or wall above, causing masonry cracks and in severe cases compromise your homes structural integrity.  To an engineer experienced in building settlement the nature of the cracks can indicate the type of stress load and why it occurred.

Getting it RIGHT for Microfine Grout Soil Injection is more important than just PRICE

The current Construction Industry economic climate is highlighting serious flaws in Western Australia’s Building Regulations and relevant Licensing Legislation.

Piling and Soil Retention and Stabilisation Industry Safety Notice

Grout Injection

Over the life of a residential home cracks may appear along a wall or brickwork. The size or width of these cracks normally determine the severity of the problem. Some of the problems that can cause these cracks are , Poorly compacted backfill, Structural Inadequacy or soil settlement below the foundation.

Retaining Walls

Every week our Engineers are contacted by concerned home owners who have retaining walls that are begining to crack, bow out or even begin to slide. The best way to solve these issues and to find the best course of action is to have one of our Engineers come out and inspect the effected area and conduct a visual inspection as well as a PSP test (Perth Sand Penetrometer) . Once the inspection is done a full and detailed report and recommendation is then given to the client to ensure the correct remedial work is done.