DCA Consulting Engineers becomes part of FEG

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                                                       DCA Logo

DCA are the architects of RAPID-Response Engineering for Tempwork & Falsework design, certification, inspection & testing. A dedicated in-house team of structural engineers understand & respond accordingly to the high pressure demands of construction sequencing regardless of what day or time it is. If you need it you get it! We are part of your dedicated mobile team & strive to eliminate waste, minimise disruption from unforeseen events and where ever possible virtually eliminate engineering revisits.

                                              Scaffolding Formwork Back-Propping Design & Certification

So when you demand performance we are there to keep things moving. Our expertise is backed up by over 40 years of hands on experience and the security of our Professional Indemnity Insurance, so you know we won't compromise on safety & construction efficiencies.

                                              Suspended Concrete Slab Back-Propping

For all your Scaffolding, Formwork, Falsework, Back-propping, Demolition & Underpinning requirements please consider our RAPID-Response Service and profit from our professionalism.

                                                           Tower Crane Mounted on Suspended Slab & Propped

                                              Underpinning a Tower Crane

                                                     Construction Tower Crane Mounted on a Concrete Suspended Slab


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